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Mark Jeanes

Mark is currently Wales’s Strongest Man and came 2nd in Britain’s Natural Strongest Man!

His most recent achievement is the World Record Creicceth Stone Lift - no man has ever done completed the challenge and shouldered the stone. The stone weighs 28 stone or 177.6kg, no tacky is allowed and Mark was the first man to do it and claim the World Record. He also had great success at the 4Nations Strongman this year finishing in 2nd Place and also winning Trojan's Strongest Man this year. He also competed in the World's Team Strongman Championships and finished 6th in the World!

Mark has one of the best grips around; he has done a farmers pick up with 230kg in each hand! Also has an Unofficial World Record on Yoke which is 600kg for 6 and half meters.

His Current PBs are:

  • Squat 340kg
  • Deadlift 360kg
  • Log Press 160kg
  • 1 Arm Dumbbell Overhead Press 100kg