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Luke Stoltman

Luke "The Highland Oak" Stoltman is one of the famous Stoltman brothers and 3x Scotland's Strongest Man.

Luke’s first taste of competition was a gym competition hosted by the Forge Gym - The Dead Shall Rise. This was an unaffiliated deadlift only event. He won this event with no powerlifting training and deadlifted a massive 315kg! From this point on he was hooked! The Oak started training when he was 18, but he didn’t really start to take it seriously until the age of 21 as he trained more for fun and to stay in shape.  Loving the buzz of competing and finding he had a natural ability he started strongman training in the Summer of 2012.

Luke’s first Strongman competition was Highland's Strongest Man 2012 There were 5 events: Clean and Press Medley (Log, Axle and 1-arm Dumbbell), Silver Dollar Deadlift, Cambered Bar Squat for Reps, Carrying Race and Tyre Flip Medley with 3 different size tyres. Luke scored full points and won every event! The Highland Oak was born. After this competition it was clear that the Oak was set for bigger things and his sights were set on qualifying for Scotland’s Strongest Man. A very big ask as at this point he had only done one strongman competition and would be going up against some of the best in the UK.

With only 8 months of strongman training and one competition under his belt Luke took part in the Scotland’s Strongest man Qualifier. With a solid all round performance Luke took the win in his first national comp. His displays in Arm Over Arm and Shield Carry were phenomenal, with a new Scottish Record in Shield Carry - covering 105m while carrying a 180kg shield. The Oak took the win ahead of top British competitors like Steve Cherrie (Scotland's Strongest Man 2011), Ken Nowicki (2nd Place UK’s Strongest Man 2011), and 3x UK Strongest Man finalist Lee Allen.

He went on to win Scotland’s Strongest Man 2013 after 6 gruelling events. Luke “The Highland Oak” was announced the winner by a massive margin of 9.5 points. Luke won the Log Press, Shield Carry, Medley and Atlas Stones events, placed 2nd in the 290 kg Deadlift for reps event and 3rd place in the Car Hold to take the overall win. He was the only athlete to load all 6 of the Atlas Stones on the day, and his first place finish qualified him for UK’s Strongest Man.

Luke was crowned Scotland’s Strongest Man for the second time in 2014 showing his dominance in Scotland! He has also shown that he is a world class strongman with great results in Britain’s Strongest Man Giants Live 2013 & 2014, Polands Giants Live 2014 and with a 3rd place finish in UK's Strongest Man all within just 2 years of competing!

In 2015 Luke was crowned 

How far will the Oak go?! Regardless Luke has proven himself against the best and has shown massive promise for the future.

“This time last year I hadn't even thought about strongman competitions and now I have a chance to be in the European championship and the giants live. Strange how things turn out.” Luke Stoltman, The Highland Oak 2013

  • Scotland's Strongest Man 2013/2014
  • 8th in Britians Strongest Man Giants Live 2013
  • 7th Britians Strongest Man Giants Live 2014
  • 9th in Polands Giants Live 2014
  • 7th in UKS Strongest Man 2013
  • 3rd in UKS Strongest Man 2014
  • 1st Muscle Power Chanpionships at Carmunock games.
  • 1st SFN Expo Opens