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Kenneth Nowicki

Kenneth Nowicki started training for strongman back in 2006 and stamped a name for himself very quickly. Ken has a long list of achievements to his name already although he is just 25 years old. At age 17 he was the youngest person to lift the famous Dinnie Stones with a combined weight of 775 pounds (352kg) and has also lifted the Inver Stones 268 pounds (121.6 kg). He has won Scotland's Strongest Man four times and has placed 2nd in The UK's strongest man in 2011. He is one of only two British Strongman athletes to have reached the finals of the Arnold "World Amateur Strongman Championships" and only missed out by one point on making his second finals at the Arnolds in 2013. He has also competed in China winning the Hercules Cup in 2012!

Ken holds a Masters degree in Chemical and Process Engineering from Strathclyde University. He is currently in the US in Denver, Colorado attending the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado and will graduate in December. After this he will begin working with his good friend Justin Willis at Teamwork Therapy & Sports Performance. He is also coaching clients in strength and conditioning and is a fully qualified CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist). His training is at the best it has ever been, Ken is in the best of hands training with Brian Shaw (2x World’s Strongest Man and Arnold Classic winner.)

“I am lucky enough to have been given the opportunity of joining Brian Shaw’s team and now train with him and the other guys at the Shaw Strength Facility. For 2014, I plan on doing a few shows with my focus being the US Nationals with the intent of qualifying for the 2015 Amateur Arnold - that’s been the monkey on my back for a long time and I want to win it."

We can’t wait to see more good results from Kenneth!