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Keeley Moffitt

Keeley Moffitt has been training in lifting and agility for various sports since she was 14 years old.

In high school she mainly trained for basketball and track. She followed her love for track and continued to throw for her college where she was named captain her senior year. Along with track, she was also part of her college's rugby team for 2 years.

After college she began to focus more on the lifting aspect and really found her love for building her strength. But being a competitive athlete, she wanted to find something do to with this passion. In the winter of 2013 through a previous trainer she had, she found strongman. This sport opened up a whole new world for her and completely changed her life. Becoming addicted immediately after her first competition in April of 2014 and craving more. Meeting the most amazing people who shared the same passion she did, and being able to set goals where the only way she could achieve them would be to work hard and focus. Allowing her to finally have a life where she can (in the best way) selfishly focus on herself, her wants, and her goals.

This sport has proved to her time after time, if you want your goals to happen and if you want to get stronger then YOU CAN, but you have to put that work in! This hard work and positive belief has led her to competing in 7 shows in her first year of competing and placing in 6 out of those 7 shows, qualifying her for 2014 America's Strongest Woman nationals. At that point in time, she decided not to compete at nationals and focus on building her strength more. The following year she qualified for 2015 America's Strongest Women nationals at the Olympia in Las Vegas, and placed 4th qualifying her for Worlds in 2016 at the Arnold Classic.

She has a love for this sport for many reasons. For one, being able to keep building the strength that God has given her day in and day out is a huge passion of hers. Secondly, strongman has helped her to completely love the body she has. She used to be someone who HATED her body. Strongman and lifting has empowered her to gain independence, love, respect for what her body can do. She now has a and passion for molding and building herself, and she wants other women to feel that love and passion about their bodies too! 

Her main focus: NOT comparing herself to anyone else or worrying about anyone else, staying on her path to where ever God takes her, and staying focused on what she has to do and her goals!